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Rainbow Bridge

What is the Rainbow Bridge?

1999 - 5.10.15
Banjo may not have been a cattle dog, but he was the ruler of the roost around here for many years and kept these crazy cattle dogs in line. When he and Sage were young they would race through the house playing tag until we would kick them out to the yard to run or until we would say nap time! The dogs had the utmost respect and affection for Banjo and would constantly groom him and snuggle up with him. He passed peacefully in his sleep on Mother's Day 2015. Any rowdy cattle dogs across the bridge are going to have to tow the line now. Look out Bridge, there's a new sheriff in town!
Lakota Silver Sage
1.17.00 - 5.9.14
When Sage was born I told Jeff she was the one he needed to keep for his dog. He really wanted the smaller girl with the double mask - I said no, you really need to keep this girl, she's a nicer pup than the other one. I handed him Sage again, he looked at her with a doubtful eye and something of a frown on his face until she grumbled at him to let him know she was not happy with his impression of her... He instantly smiled, hugged her and it was a bond for life from there. Sage has been everywhere with Jeff and been his constant companion through many adventures just like her great grandfather Ringo.

Sage crossed the bridge on May 9, 2014 at just over 14 years old, and I'm sure her mother Sky was waiting to greet her. They were always getting into something or another together from Sage's birth to Sky's death, so now they are back together getting into mischief I'm sure!

Taylors Tuff N Nuff
3.29.95 - 5.14.08
Although Jeff has had ACDs for many years, this girl was my first AKC cattle dog.

She had a rough beginning to life, and then a friend rescued her and brought her to us, and we couldn't help but take her home. It took her a while to realize that things were going to be looking up, but she never failed to show her love and gratitude for giving her a better life.

After being my constant companion for almost 12 years, Sky crossed the bridge May 14, 2008, at just over 13 years of age. Although she is no longer by our side, she will always be in our hearts, and I will miss her every day.

She came home to rest, where we can watch over her every day, as she has watched over us.

Red Cloud Wild Cheyenne
Cheyenne was Ringo's dear lady, and constant companion.
She had a rough start in life, but found her way to Jeff and Ringo, and had happy years thereafter, chasing cows and rounding up stray duck eggs that were laid in the yard.

She joined Ringo at the Rainbow Bridge in 1999.

Rest assured, there will be no racoons stealing cat food on the porches of heaven when you get there!

Griffith's Ringo Wildfire
Our beloved friend and inspiration. Ringo crossed the bridge in 1996.

No other dog has made an impact on us, quite like this one.
Jeff and Ringo were inseperable from the time Ringo was 6 weeks old, until his death shortly before his 13th birthday.

Ask Jeff any day, and he will fondly tell you of Ringo climbing ladders to join him while he was working on the roof, or the countless critters that he found in the bed of his truck, being held prisoner under the truck box until Jeff could get there and admire Ringo's handwork (although he wasn't real happy about the skunks). You would also hear of the time Ringo changed his boss's mind about this breed forever by saving him from the receiving end of a charging bull when his trusty ATV stalled out. Ringo was half way to him before anyone else knew anything was wrong, and he grabbed the bull by the nose and turned his butt right around........way to go Ringo!

In the short year or so that I knew Ringo, he changed my view of this breed from distrust due to a few bad instances, to admiring and respecting this breed. There will never be another like him.

He is still very deeply loved and missed.

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