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Foster homes are always in demand for dogs needing to be rehomed for one reason or another. If you are able to offer a home for a dog in need of one, please contact us, and we will make sure to get you in touch with someone who can match you to a great foster dog!!

Please remember.... Rescue / foster dogs are not bad dogs or dogs no one else wanted. More often than not they are dogs that someone thought was a cute puppy and they had no idea the energy and drive level of an ACD. Right about 10 months old ACDs hit the teenage phase. If you've had kids you know what I'm talking about, if not... YOU WILL. Many first time owners are not ready for energy drive and cattletude all wrapped up into one bouncing bundle and they ask rescue to rehome them. That is a better alternative to the pounds and gives them a great shot at a suitable home. The other frequent scenario is an owner who has passed and their beloved pets are in need of a new home to love. Please consider a rescue / foster dog - you may be surprised at what you find!

All rescue groups are NOT the same. When you're looking for a rescue organization, just like when you're looking for an ethical breeder, you need to do your homework. Know who you are donating to, who you are supporting and how your money is really being used.

Support NO-KILL shelters and organizations that are truly helping animals in need.

Here's our opinion of the Good the Bad and the Ugly of Rescue groups.

The GOOD......

There are countless ethical national all-breed rescues and animal organizations out there, such as the ASPCA.
Other resources for ACD specific rescue are your local breed clubs, all of which can be found by going to
In the interest of helping Cattle Dogs, we will list some of our ACD specific rescue groups here:

In the Pacific NW:
Please contact Linda Watkins For more information on available dogs needing new families, or if you would be willing to be a foster family for a dog in need. Linda is also the current president of our national ACDRI rescue.
National - ACD Rescue, Inc.
Illinois - ACD Rescue of Illinois
Arizona - Arizona ACD Rescue
Michigan / Ohio - ACD Rescue of Michigan & Ohio

The BAD......

The Humane Society of the United States takes in millions every year for the rescue and support of rescued animals. Less than 1% of the monies collected actually goes to rescuing animals. The vast majority of their money goes to executives and ad campaigns to stop all breeding of animals. This money could have been donated to a good organization and helped countless animals in need.

Pressure from ETHICAL breeders has made them change their latest campaigns aimed at dog breeders. Ethical breeders of all animals are taking a stand against the HSUS and various organizations are bringing to light their practices.

Know who you are donating your time and money to, and avoid the HSUS!

You can do your own research on the truth of the HSUS here:

The UGLY......

Peta Kills the animals they say they are rescuing. Unfortunately, they have an agenda to end the practice of having pets and to that end animals taken in are routinely euthanized within 24 hours. On top of that, safe healthy and happy pets are being stolen from homes while their owners are away and killed immediately. Their tactics have been reaching the news channels lately, and its only getting worse. A quick Google search will yield horror story after horror story in no time. It's time to shut PETA down. There are many many good NO-KILL shelters and rescue groups out there to support, but this monster is not one of them!


Do your own research on PETA online or view some of the pages below for specifics.

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